My name is Pavla Svobodova. 

I am looking for support for five month missionary training.

The goal of that training is to disciple, equip and send Christians to be part of God’s missions and plans around the world.
It is called Mission Discipleship Training (MDT) South Africa, which is organized by OM (Operation Mobilization) a Christian missionary organization (
Date: 11th Feb 2020 – 9th July 2020
RSA, Pretoria, 122 Boschkop Road
Key focus areas of training:
  • Community  – Living with people from all over the world

  • Experience  – Exposing trainees to many different kinds of ministers

  • Knowledge  – Laying and Biblical foundation for ministries

  • Mentoring  – Walking a journey with an experienced missionary at MDT

More details can be found  in this MDT brochure .

What then?

Practice 11. 7. – 10. 8. 2020
Right after the end of the training I will move ca. 230 miles north-east to a town Tzaneen, where I will be joining a project Tshega Christian Mission (TCM) as a volunteer. See more at
TCM works from 2004 with the desire to educate and empower the disadvantaged and vulnerable communities that are affected by unemployment and undesirable living circumstances. TCM runs Kindergarten, primary school, skill workshops, spiritual programmes and more.
After my return to the Czech Republic I plan to join another mission project. It can take from 3 months to several years, as God will lead.

Why mission?

  • What is mission? Mission is sending (from Latin missio ). A Christian missionary is someone who is sent by a church to go among people and share God’s love. Such love can be demonstrated by practical humanitarian help, true interest in people, medical help or, for example, when you change oil in somebody’s car for free.
  • The ultimate goal of a Christian missionary is to be a servant to others in the same way as Jesus was a servant –playful, fierce, human, extravagantly generous, disruptively honest, scandalously free, cunning, humble, true — just the way people around Him need.
  • Mission is an investment in God’s Kingdom .
    (If you don’t know what that is, you can google these verses: Mt 13: 44-46, John 3: 3, Mt 6:33, Psalm 145: 13, Mt 4:17.)

For the free gift of eternal salvation is now being offered to everyone. (Titus 2:11)

How can you support me?

Become a PRAYER investor

First of all I need your prayer support, I need your friendship and human support and support from the fellowship of my home church (my spiritual family ). Mission is not a matter of one individual person , but the whole fellowship and the whole church. Every member of the church (the body of Christ) has its role and task, each one a bit different.

Prayer requests:

  • Protection while traveling
  • Training process and personal relationships
  • Practical and spiritual help to local people
  • God’s guidance about where to go after training

Become a FINANCIAL donor

Do you want to engage with this mission and be a part of it?

a) Make a Paypal donation (accepts cards, click Donate button below, transaction fee is ca 3,4%, goes through Church of Brethren Česká Třebová account)

b) Execute International bank transfer (details below, through the account of OM CR)

Account Name:

Fio banka, a.s.
Ceske Budejovice


Each man should give as he has decided in his heart. He should not give, wishing he could keep it. Or he should not give if he feels he has to give. God loves a man who gives because he wants to give(2 Cor. 9: 7)

Please donate only if you really want to support a Christian mission and strengthen the winds into the sails of God’s Kingdom.

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What does it cost?

The total estimated cost is ca. 121 000 Kč (ca. 5 116 USD). At this moment you have donated the amount of wonderful 125 000 Kč (5 280 USD). THANK YOU! I am safely in South Africa coming towards the end of the training now.
At this moment I am preparing to join an actual mission project in Nepal, so the surplus finance will be used for this project. You can still donate for this upcoming missionary work.

56 797 Kč: MDT South Africa price - accomodation, food, training + OM administration (note: "training") - ACCOMPLISHED
56 797 Kč 100%
16 508 Kč: Airplane tickets to Johannesburg and back (note: "airplane") - ACCOMPLISHED
16 508 Kč 100%
1 510 Kč: Work visa to RSA - ACCOMPLISHED
1 510 Kč 100%
6 068 Kč: Travel insurance for 6 moths - ACCOMPLISHED
6 068 Kč 100%
9 330 Kč: Vaccinations - typhoid, hepatitis A, meningitidis, cholera, prescribed repellents - ACCOMPLISHED
9 330 Kč 100%
12 195 Kč: Social insurance for 5 months in the CZR - ACCOMPLISHED
12 195 Kč 100%
19 019 Kč: month of volunteer practice in Tshega Christian Mission (living costs + social insurance in CZR) (note: "TCM")
19 019 Kč 100%

About me

Pavla Svobodová


I want to spend the bigger part of the day working fully for God’s kingdom and not only glean leftovers of my energy after the whole day in the office.

  • Origin: Ústí nad Orlicí, Czech Republic
  • Home church: Církev bratrská in Česká Třebová,
  • Abroad mission experiences: almost none
  • Present occupation I am leaving: 3 years in marketing in a company in Brno
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Program “English in Electrical Engineering and IT” at Brno University of Technology

People Say:

I wouldn’t worry about taking Pavla to Mount Everest. Pavla is a person good to be around even in difficult situations. Easy-going, reliable, skillful, humble and she loves people and God. To support her is a safe bet for me and my wife. (Petr Kadlec, Elder of the Church in Česká Třebová, a Lector of Healthy Youth Programme and influencer)

I have known Pavla for some years now and I don’t know anyone so kind-hearted and ready to help. She has decided to leave the comfort and safety in CZR to help people who are far from such comfort. That’s why I would like to support her by these words so her mission can become real. (Alžbeta Bukatovičová; friend and flatmate from Brno) 

Pavlínka is a young girl, perceptive, smart, good at shooting, driving, organising. She is a bit like a boy in this. She has a great courage and inner power. I am several tens of years older than her, but I probably wouldn’t have the courage and determination to make the decision she has. That’s what I admire about her. She has worked independently and she was also something like an assistant to me. When she told me she wanted to leave the job and what for, I was sorry, but I knew trying to persuade her to stay was pointless. She is determined. I will gladly support her by a small amount and I beleive that she will honourably fulfill her mission to do good and help others. (Aleš Ingr, business director of the company TRON, former boss of Pavla)

We watch with wonder how our Pavla has put together her skills, character and desires into this decision. We support her with a slight worry but with confidence in God. (parents of Pavla)

I’ve known Pája for more than 4 years. I appreciate her honesty and openness when seeking God’s guidance in her life, willingness to be formed and to submit to the principles of Christ’s kingdom even at times, when it means loss and pain. With fear I watch her courage to step out of comfort zone and set off on an unexplored journey. I know that Pavla has already been outside the comfort zone, which she has not only withstood, but she has also grown in knowing herself, Jesus and discovered the secret of walking with Him. I believe that with God’s help she will prove good on this journey and be a blessing. She has my support. (Dana Staňková, pastor’s wife engaged in pastoral counseling, CB Česká Třebová)